Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Building Our Garden Shed

 Clearing the space for the foundation.
 Forms for the footings are started.
 ...a little more to do.
 Forms are built...
 ...and all back-filled.
 Concrete is done!
 Now the 6" block are laid and cells filled.
 Sill plates are on and floor joists are started.
 Joists are done and subfloor is almost nailed on.
 Jasmin drives the last few nails.
 Finally, a wall goes up!
 Ahhh...good times, painting some primer.
 A second wall is added.
 Lonnie is cutting studs for the next wall.
 Lonnie is framing the end wall.
 The end wall is tipped up and waiting for more.
 Side view, waiting for a wall.
 All the walls are up and magically painted!

 Finishing off the rafters.
 Interior view of the rafters.
 The side door is on and a ramp is built but still needs a 
small roof extension to be added.
The footing for a front porch is complete.
 Half of the roof is metal but this part is clear plastic.
 The front door, windows and trim are done
and the brick/stone porch is finished!

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