Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bird Mirror Frame

I finally completed a mirror frame for a custom order. The frame has ceramic, sgraffito decorated birds and wormy apples glued to the edges. Here's a step-by-step view (with a few steps left out).
 Here are the bone-dry porcelain figures with black slip left as detail.
...and here is the pine frame after it's rough cut, glued and drying in the clamps.
The frame shape is drawn out and waiting to be cut on the bandsaw.
Here's the final shape awaiting the sanding job.

Here I am routing the backside of the recently sanded frame. The routed area will allow for the mirror glass to sit securely.
Here's a close-up of the routed area. A little sanding will be needed here before I apply primer and final paint.
...and here's the bright orange frame as requested by the customer.
Here is the completed frame with creatures attached at the sides, clear glass buttons added to the front, mirror glass installed and a hanging device added to the back. That's a line in the ceiling that you see in the mirror.
A detail shot of the underglazed birds. Done!

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