Saturday, August 6, 2011

Raku Horsehair Pots

Here are four of my Raku pots that are decorated with the horsehair technique. If you're not familiar, the technique is as described here: The piece of pottery, which has previously been bisque fired, is loaded into the Raku kiln. At about 1400 °F it is removed from the kiln with long tongs and set upon a turntable. Quickly, and carefully, strands of horsehair are laid on the surface of the pot. They immediately "frizzle" and smoke. The burning hair leaves its mark permanently on the face of the pot. The smoke also leaves its mark giving the piece a smoke "blush". Once the desired pattern of burned hair is complete the pot is allowed to cool naturally. Afterward the ash residue is washed from the pot and when it is thoroughly dry it may be hand-colored and sealed with acrylic sealer.

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  1. beautiful work. What kind of acryllic sealer did you use?